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Introducing the Unrivalled Training program That is Guaranteed to Improve your Combat Performance or Your Money Back


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We let our results do the talking


Tom Kubank | Threshold Performance Training
Tom Kubank | Threshold Performance Training

“After 3 short months at Threshold Performance I’ve never felt more confident in my football ability. Coach Callan has been invaluable in my preparation for my first AFLW season. I’ve seen drastic improvements in my vertical jump, power, strength and aesthetics. His knowledge, expertise and interpersonal skills are second to none. I couldn’t be more grateful of the results we’ve achieved together.”

Leah Cutting

AFLW Athlete

Nik Desantis | Threshold Performance Training
Tom Kubank | Threshold Performance Training

I worked with Callan from Threshold Performance for 4 months this off season. His knowledge, experience and work ethic to make sure I was in the best physical condition leading into my season was second to none. Callan guided me through a whole rehabilitation program for my knee and I was able to start my season mentally and physically prepared I highly recommend Threshold Performance.

Nicole Romeo

Italian National Basketball Team

Shakera Reilly | Threshold Performance Training
Tom Kubank | Threshold Performance Training

Threshold structures each workout to optimize the growth of the important muscle groups that I need to work on during the week without overloading myself to the point of reinjury, but at the same time allowing me to gain confidence and get the most of each session. I truly believe that without his help I would not be where I am today in my ACL rehab.

Nik Desantis

NBL1 Athlete

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Athletes we have taken from amateur to AFLW in 2022 alone


The number of athletes currently under the guidance of Threshold Coaches.


Average Performance Increase an Athlete will see in the first 12 weeks at Threshold.


The number of State League or National Championships Threshold Coaches have been a part of.



Our Combat Sports Program has been designed to take the elite Training principles and Environment from our Professional Fighters and makes it accessible to all. When you couple this program with the expert coaches and High performance Training Environment of our Athlete development Sessions success becomes inevitable...


Find out more in this video.

Adelaide 36ers Guard



Tom Kubank | Threshold Performance Training

Unfortunately, Athletes Don't Last forever.

As much as we like to think we have forever to compete, it is sadly not the case. We have a limited window to truly chase performance and we believe that while athletes have that window they should give it their all in chasing that performance.

If you are searching for "the perfect time" to start, sorry but that doesn't exist.

Nik Desantis | Threshold Performance Training

This could be YOUR Season.

How many times has the new year/new season rolled around and you said to your self

"This is my breakout year I am finally going to give it my all"​Just for the year to roll through without making any changes at all?

We don't want to see you waste another season and another year rolling through with no progress.

Shakera Reilly | Threshold Performance Training

If you aren't Improving, you're falling behind

With the way Semi Professional and Amateur sports in Australia is heading at the moment it is no longer enough to just train with your team and rock up on gameday expecting to win.

​Athletes are jumping in to Performance Programs all over so if you don't want to be left behind by your competition you will have to take action.

When you join

Threshold Performance

you join a team of ATHLETES and COACHES you know will push you to be your best.

  • You'll train with confidence knowing every single set is taking you closer to your goal

  • You'll have the support of Coaches and Practitioners all with years of Experience all working together for you

  • Step on to the field, court or track knowing you're the most prepared athlete out there.

Plus, your investment is covered by our risk free 100% Money back Guarantee. If you don't improve after re-testing, we will give you your money back.


What is the Investment?


$97/ WEEK

"The only Program in Adelaide for Combat Sport Athletes"

  • Performance Testing ($441 Value)

  • Personalized Program ($900 Value)

  • Coach Lead S&C Sessions ($720 Value)

  • Personal Strength and Conditioning Coach (Priceless)

  • Mental Skills Course ($297 Value)

  • Unlimited Access to Recovery Facilities ($540 Value)

  • Gym Membership ($396 Value)

  • "Threshold Combat Nutrition Guide" ($250 Value)

  • At Home Neck Strengthening Guide ($79 Value)

  • Striking or Grappling Specific Conditioning Program ($99 Value)

  • Pre-Training Warmup & Injury Prevention Book ($49 Value)

  • Warmup Kit [Foam Roller, Bag, MiniBand, Trigger Ball] ($49 Value)

$3,820 of Value when Prepaid for less than $8 per day. Additional fees apply when Paid via Weekly Direct Debit.


$167.5/ WEEK

All the Benefits of the Combat Program Plus....

  • Fortnightly Massage Therapy

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan ($350 value)

  • 1x 1:1 Coaching session/Week ($1,500 Value)

  • Gap Free Physio Consults

$6,264 of Value when Prepaid for less than your daily lunch. Additional fees apply when Paid via Weekly Direct Debit.


Unfortunately, there is a big difference between a gym program and a Performance Program that gets results... even when they look identical when you're deciding who to trust with your physical performance.

Because of this... We are here for you, the athlete, we care about your results and getting you to the next level. ​ Not our bottom line... ​ That's why we put our money where our mouth is. So you can get the benefits of our High Performance training environment, absolutely RISK FREE. If, at the end of program assessment, you haven't improved your athleticism then we will give you your MONEY BACK.

Frequently asked questions

Does everyone get the same program in the APA program?

Our APA sessions are an awesome way to train around a group of other motivated athletes, AND also get expert coaching for your movements, whilst doing your own sport specific program.

Is Physio included in my membership?

Not in the Threshold APA membership, BUT you do get a 20% discount from the Manual Therapy and Physiotherapy sessions.

Can I Come in and use the gym outside of the APA Sessions?

Yes absolutely.

If you want to come in and do an extra workout at the Threshold Performance Centre then you can.

If you miss or un able to make your scheduled APA session you can also come through at any other time to complete your programmed session. This means you will never have to miss your training.

Where are you located?

Where are you located?

The Threshold Performance Training Centre is Located at Unit 3/1 Menzies Cres, Prospect SA 5082 with in the North Adelaide Football Club.

Our entrance is located next to the front office of the North Adelaide Football Club.

Can I use the Oval at the Gym?

Yes and we encourage it! One of the benefits to the Threshold Performance Centre Location is it is adjacent to one of the best ovals in Adelaide. The only times you wont be able to use the oval is when the Football Club or Prospect Cricket Club is using the oval. This is usually in the afternoons.

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