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And Professional Sports teams and organizations have known this for years,.

Because, a weekly check-in with the physio and a few dodgy drawn exercises on a piece of paper misses the most vital part of a successful rehabilitation...

This ‘Traditional’ clinic based approach to rehab might work for an office worker with a tight lower back from sitting on their A** but it doesn’t come close to what you need to Return to sport.

Thats why Professional Sporting Organizations and Teams abandoned this approach and instead opt for a fully integrated model where the physio Strength and Conditioning Coach staff are all working together to get you back on track...

This model is why you see Pro Athletes return from injury likey they haven't even missed a week.

Because, they are surrounded by a team or professionals that drive progress and performance throughout the entire rehab...

NOT being stuck in a tiny physio room being told what they can't do anymore.

When you train in an environment where the physio and the Strength and Conditioning Staff are all on the same page you can continue to become fitter faster and stronger all while rehabbing the injury that put you on the sideline...

This means that when you return to your sport you can jump right back into the team like you never even missed a training session.

After 15+ combined years in Elite Sport we have taken this model and implemented it for all athletes.

We don’t offer the “Old School’ Session-to-Session Physiotherapy because it would be doing you a dis-service as an athlete.

That’s why we implement our All-In-One Sports Rehab Program that will take you from one of the worst days in your sporting career all the way through to one of your best.

We let our results do the talking


Tom Kubank | Threshold Performance Training
Tom Kubank | Threshold Performance Training

“After 3 short months at Threshold Performance I’ve never felt more confident in my football ability. Coach Callan has been invaluable in my preparation for my first AFLW season. I’ve seen drastic improvements in my vertical jump, power, strength and aesthetics. His knowledge, expertise and interpersonal skills are second to none. I couldn’t be more grateful of the results we’ve achieved together.”

Leah Cutting

AFLW Athlete

Nik Desantis | Threshold Performance Training
Tom Kubank | Threshold Performance Training

Callan’s professionalism and ability to integrate the exercises I’ve been gradually cleared to do for my ACL rehab with his own is amazing. He structures each workout to optimize the growth of the important muscle groups that I need to work on during the week without overloading myself to the point of reinjury, but at the same time allowing me to gain confidence and get the most of each session. I truly believe that without his help I would not be where I am today in my ACL rehab.

Nik Desantis

NBL1 Athlete

Shakera Reilly | Threshold Performance Training
Tom Kubank | Threshold Performance Training

I worked with Callan from Threshold Performance for 4 months this off season. His knowledge, experience and work ethic to make sure I was in the best physical condition leading into my season was second to none. Callan guided me through a whole rehabilitation program for my knee and I was able to start my season mentally and physically prepared I highly recommend Threshold Performance.

Nicole Romeo

Italian National Basketball Team

A WORLD CLASS Sports Rehab Program

Our Program will ensure that you continue to become fitter, faster and stronger all while you rehab your injury.


Take the guess work away from your training with cutting edge Sport Science testing usually reserved for professional athletes


Using our Threshold Performance System Coupled with TEAMBUILDR we take away the uncertaintiy around your training. Come in each session knowing what you getting 1 step closer to your goal every session.


The biggest factors, outside of training, that constantly hold athletes back is how they fuel themselves. Our High Performance Nutritionist, Emily Hartley, will guide you through exactly how to fuel your body to perform at your best every time.


Speed is KING, your ability to act explosively at a moments notice could be the difference between winning and losing. Our Program will help you develop the qualities that embody explosiveness; Vertical Jump, First Step Quickness and Max Speed.


We have the latest in recovery equipment available to you to ensure you are ready to train and perform without that lingering soreness you usually experience.


"It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us" - Marianne Williamson (Timo Cruz, Coach Carter). We are here to support and expand your light in every sense of the word.


A supportive Coach Lead Team Training Environment unlike any other in South Australia. One of the big secrets of Pro sport is not just the training system but the Team Environment they train in. They push and support each other to be better everyday.


Strength and Power development that, unlike other training, actually transfers to your sport... No more wasted reps we only focus on what you need to perform at your sport.

We let our results do the talking

More Athletes That Trust Threshold

Tom Kubank | Threshold Performance Training
Tom Kubank | Threshold Performance Training

Since joining Threshold, Callan has helped me progress my performance while managing my rehab. He's been able to adapt and come up with exercises for my injury to make sure I am still pushing and getting stronger. Joining Threshold in the off season was the best thing for me. Callan challenged me to get the best out of myself and has been so supportive and I can't wait to continue!

Kate Fergusson

SANFLW Athlete

Nik Desantis | Threshold Performance Training
Tom Kubank | Threshold Performance Training

I started at Threshold with the goal to improve my Athleticism and Agility and ended up improving in every aspect. Callan pushed harder every session to get more out of me, encouraging me to feel more motivated. His workouts were very challenging, however training with the other girls made it rewarding and a lot of fun. Stoked with the program and can’t wait to be part of it again!

Shae Archbold

SANFLW Athlete

Shakera Reilly | Threshold Performance Training
Tom Kubank | Threshold Performance Training

Threshold Performance Training has provided me with strength and conditioning training that has been a key contributor to my football. I have trained with Callan over the past 2 years and have found his knowledge and understanding of the fitness industry outstanding. Callan’s contribution to the North Adelaide Women's side was an integral part to our premiership last season. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Amelie Borg

AFLW Athlete

A Message from

the Physio

Jacob Spencer, Msc.RE:
Helping Athletes Stay Healthy, For Good

A Message from the Physio • Growing up in Tassie as a tall, sport loving kid, I had the oppourtunity to attend the Tasmanian Institute of Sport... •

Growing up in Tassie as a tall, sport loving kid, I had the oppourtunity to attend the Tasmanian Institute of Sport...

I was initially recruited for the Basketball Program but through years of beat down knees found myself in the Cycling Program.

Unfortnuately, during my promising junior career I copped my fair share of injuries...

Dislocated thumbs...

Low back pain...

And Chronic Anterior Knee Pain.

The frustration of not being able to compete in the sports I loved so dearly drove me to look for any edge I could to return pain free...

Because of my drive to seek out information on getting back to sport I developed a keen interest in sports rehab.

Once I finished school I packed up and made my way to Adelaide in search of more knowledge and eventually graduated with a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy.

Since graduating I have been working closely with athletes of all levels implementing my "Big Rocks" of a successful rehab...

These are:

  • Getting the Athlete away from pain and back to moving freely...

  • Developing a solid base of muscular and neural Strength to decrease the risk or re-injury...

  • And Goal oriented and Sport Specific Conditioning so that when you return to your sport you're never a step behind.

My passion is to keep Athletes competing, pain free, at the highest level for as long as possible and for this I will continually strive to stay at the forefront of new techniques and technology.

I look forward to seeing you around the gym,

Jacob Spencer, Msc.



Athletes turned Pro in 2022 alone


The number of athletes currently under the guidance of Threshold Coaches.


Average Performance Increase an Athlete will see in the first 12 weeks at Threshold.


The number of State League or National Championships Threshold Coaches have been a part of.



Tom Kubank | Threshold Performance Training

Unfortunately, Athletes Don't Last forever.

As much as we like to think we have forever to compete, it is sadly not the case. We have a limited window to truly chase performance and we believe that while athletes have that window they should give it their all in chasing that performance.

If you are searching for "the perfect time" to start, sorry but that doesn't exist.

Nik Desantis | Threshold Performance Training

This could be YOUR Season.

How many times has the new year/new season rolled around and you said to your self

"This is my breakout year I am finally going to give it my all"​Just for the year to roll through without making any changes at all?

We don't want to see you waste another season and another year rolling through with no progress.

Shakera Reilly | Threshold Performance Training

If you aren't Improving, you're falling behind

With the way Semi Professional and Amateur sports in Australia is heading at the moment it is no longer enough to just train with your team and rock up on gameday expecting to win.

​Athletes are jumping in to Performance Programs all over so if you don't want to be left behind by your competition you will have to take action.

When you join

Threshold Performance

you join a team of ATHLETES and COACHES you know will push you to be your best.

  • You'll train with confidence knowing every single set is taking you closer to your goal

  • You'll have the support of Coaches and Practitioners all with years of Experience all working together for you

  • Step on to the field, court or track knowing you're the most prepared athlete out there.

Plus, your investment is covered by our risk free 100% Money back Guarantee. If you don't improve after re-testing, we will give you your money back.


What is the Investment?


$147.5/ WEEK

"The only Fully Inclusive Sports Rehab Program In Adelaide"

  • Personal "Athlete Profile" Testing ($441 Value)

  • Weekly 1:1 Physiotherapy Session & Review ($147.5 Value P/W)

  • Individualised S&C Program ($900 Value)

  • Individualised Rehab Plan ($1200 Value)

  • Unlimited Team Training Access

  • Field Speed and Agility Sessions ($33 Value P/W)

  • Personal Strength and Conditioning Coach (Priceless)

  • Unlimited Program Revisions

  • Unlimited Access to Recovery Facilities ($540 Value)

  • Free Gym Membership

  • Emily Hartley "Eat To Perform" Nutrition Guidebook ($250 Value)

  • Return to Running Plan($250 Value)

* We will send your statement so you can claim with your private health fund or sports insurance


$147.5/ Session

60/30 mins Physio Assessment & Treatment

  • Subjective Assessment

  • Physical Examination & Diagnosis

  • Individualised Treatment

  • Plan of Management

* After the Consult we will swipe your private health card and the gap will be charged. The best option for athletes in short term (<4weeks) rehab or who cant make it in person regularly enough to utilise our all in one Sports Rehab program



We have over 30 available sessions times for you so you have every opportunity to find times each day to get better.

Want to see a break down of exactly when these sessions are?

Hit the button below to see our live Schedule.

Don't Just take our word for it

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more Information?

Giving yourself permission to try something new can be a daunting task. If you still have some questions in mind or are after some more information to see if this program is the right fit for you, we would love to chat. Hit the button below to fill in your details and someone from the team will be in contact with you shortly.


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